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Food-grade Portable PrintPen Creates Infinite Possibilities

Food-grade Portable PrintPen Creates Infinite Possibilities

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Learn how the PrintPen works.
This is a unique printing pen that creates new effects never before seen in the printing industry through the development of edible ink, which can be used as a decoration for special occasion dishes.
Evebot food printing pen can upload pictures or text arbitrarily, and give full play to your creativity.
1、Enjoy the art of coffee latte art with original design
2、Logo printing or customer reception
3、Beer for a party with a personalized pattern or a theme
4、Print greetings on baked goods and surprises are everywhere
5、Meet the custom needs of restaurants/hotels/reception
If you have more ideas, welcome to communicate with us!



Can i know what kind of materials can be use for this PrintPen?


I would live to have different colors for the edible ink. Please make it happen.



I love the idea of edible pen! Will you have more colors available for edible ink? Such as white/red/black? That would be amazing.


Valeria Koulikova,

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