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EVEBOT - How to use the auxiliary ruler correctly?

EVEBOT - How to use the auxiliary ruler correctly?

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In this article, I will introduce you in detail how Evebot uses the auxiliary ruler of the handheld printer correctly.

Why use a printing aid ruler?

The role of the auxiliary ruler is to help the user to print the pattern accurately to ensure that the printed pattern is in the center of the object surface.

The driving mode of the handheld printers PrintPods and PrintPen adopts roller sliding. Unlike traditional optical sensors, the roller driving is more suitable for various concave-convex surfaces, ensuring stable printing quality. Photoelectric sensor is unstable for printing on rough, skin, transparent glass and other surfaces, and the printed pattern will be incomplete.

But it should be noted that the sliding of the scroll wheel does not start to work as soon as it slides, but starts to work after sliding for a certain distance from the fuselage, which also allows users to better grasp the printing position.

Learn how to use the auxiliary ruler better with the video.

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